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Here are some frequently asked questions:

How long will there still be DVD readers in view of the high speed of innovation in the IT sector?
All optical disc formats are based on worldwide standards and are designed for longevity. The CD has been in existence for 30 years, CD players are still being produced, and all successor formats, such as DVD and Blu-ray Disc, are compatible, i. New devices can play CDs easily. Optical drives will continue to be produced in the coming decades.

Even if DVD readers are available in 50 or 100 years, how can I ensure the availability of corresponding interfaces and drivers?
This is only a question of the hardware or software. An example of a similar problem and the corresponding solution is an external cassette deck with USB port. This makes it possible to read or copy 45 years old cassettes.

Why must a storage medium have 100 years or even an even longer life?
The data must generally be migrated to new systems in order to guarantee readability.
In many cases, the original is required or desired. The copying process is not always easy. Often data is lost here without notice. Copying the data to newer data carriers, e.g. For workscapes, is always useful. Increased redundancy and thus data security.

Which file formats can be read in 50 or 100 years at all?
For text documents, we recommend PDF-A or TIFF. For pictures, video and audio one should choose the current popular formats such as JPG, PNG and MPG. In general, you can always copy a suitable software to play back the contents on the data carrier. To have even more security, you can also store the source code of the software on the data carrier, you can find further recommendations here.

There are already numerous optical disks, some even with higher storage capacity, which promise a lifetime of up to 100 years?
Investigations by independent institutions (see for example, here or tests in c't u.v.m) have shown that these discs also age more or less quickly. In conventional optical disks, the data are always stored as phase transitions in the storage material, or as a change in an organic layer or magnetic domains. These local changes can decompose as a function of temperature, humidity, radiation and time. This is excluded with the engraved structures in the glass.
What is the cost of the GlassMasterDisc compared to other archiving media?
A cost estimate must be carried out for the individual case. However, the calculation should always be based on the same data security as with the GlassMasterDisc.
For example, we have counted a few cases. Details on the comparisons can be found here.

How is data security guaranteed?
The protection of customer data is the highest priority at Syylex. All necessary measures have been taken to ensure the data security from the delivery of the data, through the production of the GlassMasterDiscs to delivery to the customer.
Customer files are never stored or stored beyond the duration of the order processing. The digital data (eg DVD, USB stick, hard disk or over the Internet) provided by the customer will only be used for the period from the transmission of the respective information To the production of the GlassMasterDisc at Syylex. Thereafter, i.e.. Once the order has been completed, the data required to process the order are permanently deleted and thus are no longer available. The original data carriers provided by the customer are returned to the customer together with the GlassMasterDiscs, or at the customer's request with a separate delivery.

Can I have a motif applied to the label page of GlassMasterDisc?
We can bring a motif black-white as well as grayscale into the inside of the disc. This motif or label will therefore age just as little as your digital data!

How can I manage an archive consisting of GlassMasterDiscs efficiently?
For this, Syylex offers a sophisticated software, The search for keywords clearly