The GlassMasterDisc

SYYLEX has developed a technology and manufactured a corresponding storage medium which allows digital data to be archived for centuries:

Data is stored as pits or grooves on a glass disc in a similar way to the cuneiform script written in stone by early cultures.

These discs have a storage capacity of approx. 5 GB and can be read by all commercially available DVD drives without any problems.

The glass used as a substrate is a special kind of glass which, due to its durability, is deployed in the chemical industry to store and transport aggressive reagents. The reflective layer consists of a metallic alloy which has been extensively tested for durability. This is only used to render the GlassMasterDisc compatible with commercial DVD players. The bond between the two halves of the disc has also been carefully tested for potential ageing. Because the metal and the bond are almost entirely enclosed by glass, environmental factors can have hardly any impact.

By virtue of design therefore, the glass disc is extremely resistant to all conceivable environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, radiation, electric and magnetic fields, as well as mechanical and chemical stresses (e.g. scratches or cleaning agents). The bond between the two halves of the disc dramatically reduces the product's susceptibility to breakage.