Unbeatable - Your benefits

The GlassMasterDisc

- Is extremely durable

- has the highest resistance to environmental influences

- records large amounts of data per disc (eg 100,000 - 200,000 pages of text files, approx. 1000 pictures, more than 50 hours of music or 2 hours of video material). *

Comparison with other data files:

- Easiest maintenance and maintenance of the data stock and thus high investment security

- No special storage conditions

- Easy integration into existing IT structures

- Scalability of archive size

- No need to copy the data

Your advantage

- The data can not be changed later

- 100% protection against misuse of your data; The data is in your hands, outside your IT network and is protected against access by third parties.

- No special readers required due to compatibility with DVD / Blu-ray Disc players

- No additional costs for data maintenance, energy costs for storage or personnel costs for complex copying

- Professional quality control of the media on completion

- No signs of aging; To ensure perfect playability

Comparison of storage media based on their shelf life in years.

 * Depending on the resolution / size of each file